Istituto Comprensivo Statale Pietro Allori

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Our school was established at the beginning of the XX century in Iglesias, a town set on the South-West of the beautiful island of Sardinia, in Italy.

On 1st Sept. 2012, the school was renamed after Pietro Allori, a musician born in the nearby town of Gonnesa.

Since then, “Pietro Allori” Comprehensive School has had on average 600 pupils aged 03-14 yrs, attending kindergarten, primary and junior high school. We also have evening classes for students aged 16+. The junior high school also offers a three-year specialist course in music.

The principal aim of the school is to provide the right environment for the individual talents of each pupil to get the best opportunity for development., in order to increase motivation and prevent dropping-out.
The school aims to provide a balanced education in line with the National Curriculum (“Nuove Indicazioni Nazionali”) and the requirements of the territory.

Through the school curriculum our pupils are encouraged to be effective learners and cooperative, responsible future citizens, with a caring attitude towards each other and a sense of social responsibility for the community and the environment.

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